CEVA Logistics expands its services to Ford Motor Company

Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading global supply chain management companies, recently announced a renewal and an expansion of its services to the Ford Motor Company in which CEVA will provide container management, deconsolidation, metering, sequencing, transportation and inventory control for Ford’s Louisville Assembly Plant (LAP) in Louisville, Kentucky.

CEVA has served Ford LAP as a Manufacturing Support Center (MSC) provider for the past four years.

CEVA will renew services to include metering, small lot logistics, return container management and just in time transportation to and from the plant. CEVA will also expand its services to provide sequencing to the line various parts in color/type order for ease of installation. CEVA will be investing in improvements to its current facilities by adding capacity in the form of an additional facility and equipment at the LAP site to better serve Ford.

“It is exciting to renew and expand our manufacturing support services to Ford in Louisville. We appreciate this commitment from one of our largest global customers,” said Kerry Zielinski, CEVA’s Vice President of Business Development for Automotive in North America. “The Automotive sector is one of CEVA’s largest and we owe our successes to operational excellence and year-over-year service improvements on Ford’s behalf.”