How to get on Raya: what you need to know about this exclusive dating app

How to get on Raya: what you need to know about this exclusive dating app

Harder to get into than Berghain on your first trip to Berlin-wait, you didn’t get the all-black memo?-or find a spot poolside at Soho House during a heatwave, let’s discuss the uber-exclusive dating app Raya-and more importantly, how to get on Raya for a peek behind the curtain.

The dating app has been shrouded in mystery over the last few years, and has, up until recently, been solely for those in the know. But with new stories about several celebrities taking to the platform doing the rounds, it seems everyone is now talking about Raya.

So how exactly does the app work, and which celebrities are on Raya? We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about the exclusive app, as well as clue you in on how to get on Raya.

What is Raya?

Not to be confused with the cartoon film about a dragon, Raya, is one of the best dating apps (and most popular) for famous folks.

Having first launched in 2015, Raya (opens in new tab) started out as an exclusive online dating app, working on a membership basis for people in the entertainment industry.

As it has evolved, it has branched out to offer other networking opportunities as well. The app is known mostly for its extensive celebrity users, including (as far as we know), Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum and Cara Delevingne, among others. Rebel Wilson also joked recently that she was using the app to “play the field”.

How do you get on Raya?

Wondering ‘how to get on Raya?’ Sadly, it’s not as simple as it sounds to meet the famous beau of your dreams.

The only hope for becoming a member of Raya is to have someone on the app recommend you. (more…)