Sales and Marketing Executives (2)

  • To grow sales.
  • Develop and Maintain effective relationships with new and existing clients.
  • Acquisition of new business leads.
  • Support functions on all aspects of Flight Handling..
  • Promote business in the base.
  • Business Development.
  • Performs similar or other related duties as assigned by the Site Manager.
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Exploring new sales areas & way to achieve target
  • Contracts Officer

  • Evaluates or monitors existing contracts to determine necessity for amendments or extensions of
    contracts, and compliance to contractual obligations.
  • Prepare contracts and responding to terms and conditions.
  • Approves or rejects requests for deviations from contract specifications and delivery schedules.
  • Analyzes business proposals, financial reports, and other data to determine the fares offered to
  • Accomplishes and formulates contracting policies and procedures.
  • Analyzes contracting system and establishes policies and procedures necessary to improve
    contracting process and its customer support.