Cargolux, va-Q-tec sign agreement to enhance cool chain transportation

Published: Thursday, November 3, 2016

All cargo carrier Cargolux and va-Q-tec have signed a global rental agreement for the use of va-Q-tec’s advanced passive containers.

With this agreement, the Luxembourg based airline will boost its CV Pharma product line.

The use of va-Q-tec’s thermal containers (va-Q-tainers) enables enhanced cool chain transportation without temperature deviation from production site to consignee, door to door.

“With the intuitive va-Q-tec passive solutions, Cargolux has the most appropriate and proven shipping tool for temperature sensitive healthcare products. At the same time, it enables quick and simple rental through Cargolux’s centralised and dedicated ULD team, thus taking away a known burden from our customers,” says Franco Nanna, Cargolux director Global Logistics Services.

Dominic Hyde, managing director, va-Q-tec, notes, “Cargolux has deep know-how in handling temperature-sensitive and valuable cargo. The partnership with Cargolux gives our customers what they have been asking for: the possibility to book flight and the va-Q-tainer Serviced Rental in one go to over 90 Cargolux destinations within a one-way rental service.”

Cargolux has just recently announced a new direct flight from Europe to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico that mainly caters to the needs of the pharma industry. The service will benefit from the extensive use of va-Q-tec high tech thermal packaging solutions that are ideally suited for this kind of operation.

Va-q-tec’s advanced passive packaging solutions incorporate phase change material and vacuum insulation panels to provide a safe environment for the transportation of valuable pharmaceutical products.

The company develops various Phase Change Materials that absorb and store thermal energy during a freezing or heating process to perfectly maintain the required product storage temperature for the duration of transportation.Vacuum insulation panels are designed and manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality thermal protection for temperature-sensitive products even in extreme ambient conditions.

Together with Cargolux’s advanced 747 freighters, the va-Q-tainers offer the best combination for the specialiesd needs of pharma shippers.