CargoIT represents a “unified air cargo communication” withTraxoncargoHUB.

Published: Thursday, March 30, 2017

TraxoncargoHUB is CHAMP’s fully automated host-to-host communication product that links more than 100 airlines with approximately 3,000 forwarders, general sales agents (GSAs), ground handling agents (GHAs) and shippers.

CargoIT is connected to TraxoncargoHUB using IATA Cargo-XML version 3.0, which represents what the former believes represents the latest standards in “unified air cargo communication”.

Integration was completed “in a matter of days”, informed Joel Winninge, CargoIT’s chief operating officer.

“Bringing CargoIT into the CHAMP family of trusted partners has been nothing short of ideal,” added Edward Dorr, director community integration services at CHAMP Cargosystems.

“Cooperating with a growing, dynamic and technically savvy client ensures that our services are being used to their full potential,” he continued.