Cainiao Network to serve as cross border logistics provider for Daraz

Published: Thursday, June 16, 2022

Alibaba logistics arm Cainiao Network will serve as the cross-border logistics provider for South Asia e-commerce platform and sister comapany Daraz.

The cross-border shipping services that Cainiao will provide include local seller pick-up in China, first mile sortation, international line-haul, digital customs clearance, sorting, and after-sales customer service, with last mile delivery in the destination countries provided by Daraz Express and its affiliated local logistics partners in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Cainiao will provide airfreight shipping services from China to South Asia, with 13 weekly flights from China to Pakistan, and eight weekly flights from China to Bangladesh.

“This is expected to result in approximately 10% reduction in logistics costs and a 20 to 25% improvement in delivery efficiency,” Cainiao said.

“Parcels will be affixed with Cainiao’s electronic shipping labels that enable merchants and consumers to track the shipping status of parcels in real-time. Customers will enjoy value-added services such as cash-on-delivery for greater convenience.”

Daraz merchants that sell on other Alibaba e-commerce platforms will be able to consolidate parcels for shipping through Cainiao, which streamlines order fulfillment and eliminates the need for multiple logistics service arrangements and varying pickup schedules.

Daraz chief executive Bjarke Mikkelson said, “The partnership between Daraz and Cainiao will improve our efficiency and improve overall customer service in our key markets of Pakistan and Bangladesh. This will help Daraz to continue on its mission to uplift communities through the power of commerce.”

Last month, GSSA Kales Group signed a deal to sell space on flights operated for Cainiao as they make their way back to China.