Brussels Airport freight volume up by 34% in July 2021

Published: Monday, August 16, 2021

Total freight volume from Brussels Airport increased 34 percent in July 2021 from the year-ago period, and the airport is confident the increased demand for air freight capacity is set to continue over the coming months.

The growth in air freight (+32 percent) is continuing across the three segments, i.e. full freighter (+26 percent), integrator services (+16 percent), and on-board passenger flights (+155 percent) because of the increase in the number of passenger flights.

Adding the trucked cargo, which has increased +45 percent, the total increase in cargo is 34 percent.

Brussels Airport is seeing growth in the full cargo segment across almost all existing clients. New routes from Asia are a major contributor to this steady growth, and Asia remains the most important region, followed by North America and Africa.

The transport of Covid-19 vaccines to and from Brussels Airport is continuing with over 210 million vaccines processed at the airport to date.