Billund Airport to double airfreight by 2040

Published: Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Billund Airport in Denmark and Danish pension company PensionDanmark are collaborating to more than double airfreight at the airport from 77,000 tons of goods per year to 160,000 tons per year in 2040.
The long-term strategic collaboration to create ‘Airport City’ aims to construct infrastructure such as hangars and logistics and storage facilities on the airport’s 700-hectare site. The deal is worth billions of kroner, according to Billund Airport.

“With the development of Airport City, Billund Airport can become one of Northern Europe’s most attractive hubs for airfreight,” said Jan Hessellund, chief executive officer of Billund Airport. “We expect to more than double the volumes in airfreight, so the collaboration with PensionDanmark is of course a historic milestone for the airport.

“We are already well into the dialogue with several prominent logistics companies that have expressed clear interest in taking advantage of the opportunities in Airport City. Most recently, Maersk Air Cargo has announced the choice of Billund Airport as their European air freight hub.”
PensionDanmark and Billund Airport expect to establish a joint company at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 that will be responsible for the development of Airport City by 2040.

The agreement between PensionDanmark and Billund Airport initially involves the development of warehousing and cargo, but, may in the long term also include offices, hotels and other airport operations.