B&H Worldwide joins WCA’s Time Critical Network

Published: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

B&H Worldwide has joined WCA’s Time Critical Network, making it part of the world’s largest independent freight forwarder group.

Joining the network will give B&H access to an even wider group of agents with aerospace and time critical logistics requirements, and B&H can bring its specialist aerospace capabilities into the reach of WCA members around the world.

WCA Time Critical Network general manager, Adam McKenna says, “Our goal as a group is to be the global leader, and we cannot stress that enough. Gaining reputable members like B&H Worldwide, with its newly acquired Best-in-Class status is what sets us apart. When you work with a WCA Time Critical agent, you know you’re getting the highest quality service.”

B&H Worldwide chief executive officer, Stuart Allen says, “It will provide our teams with tremendous opportunities to expand our reach into new areas. By the same token, we can bring a wealth of aerospace expertise to the members of the WCA’s Time Critical Network who may be seeking a partner.”

McKenna adds, “WCA Time Critical is honoured to welcome B&H to the group. Its capabilities in providing comprehensive solutions to the sector will help further diversify an already powerful and unique group of specialist forwarders. We are confident that B&H’s participation within the WCA will spur new business opportunities for all parties.”