B&H to handle Aloia's logistics' operations

Published: Thursday, July 25, 2019

Aerospace spare parts outsourcing company Aloia Aerospace has given the contract to manage its warehousing, handling and inventory to B&H Worldwide.

The Sao Paulo, Brazil-headquartered company, which has its main operations in Miami will use B&H’s London Heathrow logistics facility and its integrated IT system FirstTrac to manage inventory.

Through establishing a European parts facility, Aloia Aerospace will be able to extend its operations in the UK and Europe.

The parts managed through B&H’s Heathrow Control Tower will include tooling, electronic parts and paint for a variety of aircraft types.

Aloia will despatch parts to customers through FirstTrac, which will be processed by B&H at Heathrow and sent to their destination with notifications being sent back to Aloia throughout the shipping process.

Seth Profit, group sales director says, “Aloia were clear that the visibility and advanced features provided by B&H Worldwide’s FirstTrac platform was a key component of their decision to choose B&H Worldwide. Our speed of response and 24/7 manned capabilities will also enable them to serve their customers across these new regions as they develop their services.”