Barrington Freight Adopts Breeze's Digital Insurance Platform for Cargo Protection

Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Barrington Freight has signed up with Breeze’s integrated digital insurance platform.
Use of the platform removes the need to source insurance separately, which Breeze claims reduces costs by avoiding high premiums charged by third-party insurance providers.
“Utilizing Breeze’s AI-driven platform to optimize quote generation, policy binding, and claims processing, Barrington has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort needed to supply accurate cargo protection, countering the inefficiencies of traditional insurance options,” said Breeze.
“The logistics and shipping industry is no stranger to risk and unpredictability, and traditional cargo insurance methods have often proven to be costly and complex, leaving many businesses exposed to financial risks if cargo is damaged, lost, or delayed during transit,” explained Eyal Goldberg, chief executive, Breeze.
“As the logistics industry continues to evolve, making use of digital insurance solutions sets a new industry standard to give shippers and carriers access to simplified, cost-effective, and comprehensive cargo insurance that provides peace of mind and financial security.”
It also reduces the time and effort required for claims processing and compensation.