Bahri inaugurates its 1 st phase of FPMC in Riyadh as part of strategy development

Published: Monday, September 12, 2022

Bahri, the Saudi global provider of logistics and transport services inaugurated recently the first phase of its Fleet Performance Monitoring Center (FPMC) in Riyadh, as part of its strategy to develop a centralized support system to provide data and analytics-driven guidance and recommendations for technical, safety, and crew operations.

The new center will leverage high-frequency data collected from vessels’ alarm monitoring, navigation, and cargo systems to provide data-driven support for the company’s vessel operations.

“With this first phase now underway, our day-to-day focus at the Fleet Performance Monitoring Center will be on improving the overall performance of Bahri’s vessels through high-frequency data collection and monitoring systems,” Bahri CEO, Eng. Ahmed Al Subaey said, noting that the center is part of the company’s long-term digital transformation strategy set to take its operations to “unprecedented levels of efficiency,” and support the Kingdom’s drive for smarter and more sustainable operations across all sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, the center enables the crew onboard and the operations team ashore to easily monitor the condition of various equipment and systems.

It also allows for analytics-driven timely interventions and machine learning anomaly detection tools to pre-empt breakdowns, minimize downtime, enhance predictive maintenance, monitor regulatory compliance and support decision-making.

The center’s main control hub is equipped with HD video walls along with other equipment and software required to transmit inputs.

According to the company, the second and third phases set to commence in the upcoming two years will further expand the center’s operations, by integrating new systems, and developing and refining its analytical dashboards.