Bahri donates $2.7m to kingdom’s fight against covid-19

Published: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Saudi logistics and transportation giant Bahri has donated $2.7m to the kingdom’s fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The company’s board of directors recently approved the donation to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health and has also placed its maritime fleet, logistics services and offices at the disposal of the ministry.

Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Sarhan, chairman of Bahri, said, “Underlining its social responsibility commitment to cooperating all entities in the kingdom to strengthen the national efforts and support the government during this period, Bahri decided to donate SAR10m ($2.7m) to back the initiatives of the Ministry of Health to contain the outbreak.”

Al-Sarhan revealed that operations are continuing as normal, despite global lockdowns and increased restrictions, although he stressed that all necessary precautions had been taken in order to ensure the safety of staff at the company’s offices and onboard vessels.

There are currently 1,453 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Saudi Arabia, where the virus has claimed the lives of eight people.