AviaDev appoints Ogaga Udjo

Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Ogaga Udjo is a professional in the commercial aviation sector, currently the Managing Director of ZA Logics, an African aviation advisory. In his corporate airline career, he has worked for Comair Limited, South African Airways and Qatar Airways. His roles have formed part of the research, commercial and/ strategy functions of all airlines. In his last capacity in the corporate sector, he developed and headed the Network Planning, Scheduling & Alliances Department of Comair Limited – South Africa’s only Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed airline business. Prior to that, he was involved in strategic planning and implementation for the core airline business in the Domestic, Rest of Africa and Intercontinental markets for South African Airways.

Jon Howell, Founder and CEO, AviaDev said, “AviaDev has been embedded in the African aviation industry since inception in 2015 and our mission is to improve air connectivity to, from and most importantly within the African continent. This mission is even more pertinent in light of the current Covid-19 challenge and Ogaga brings a wealth of experience and expertise from his time working with African and international airlines. We are delighted to welcome him onboard”.

Becca Rowland, Partner at MIDAS Aviation, welcomed Ogaga, saying “while our experience is extensive in terms of global reach and the range of projects we get involved in, there is huge value in having someone based where your clients are. Ogaga brings experience that is grounded in the African aviation industry and we are looking forward to working with him. He shares our commitment to providing solutions which are firmly backed by evidence and clear strategic thinking”.

Ogaga Udjo, said “we believe in the value that strategic partnerships provide for all stakeholders in the aviation industry, especially now as we charter a new flight path across African skies. Accordingly, it is a great pleasure for us to partner with AviaDev, who have authentically and consistently delivered on their mission to contribute to the improvement of African aviation. In the same vein, we are delighted to partner with MIDAS Aviation, who have a demonstrable track record in providing clarity through strategic insights, across their global footprint”.