Averitt Express expands its presence in the US

Published: Thursday, January 9, 2020

Averitt Express announced recently that it has expanded its presence in Atlanta, with the opening of a new distribution and fulfillment center.

The Cookeville, Tenn.-based company said that this facility is comprised of nearly 140,000 square-feet and designed to receive, manage, and distribute freight and inventory. Averitt has two other company locations in the Atlanta metropolitan area, with those locations being service centers that are components of its less-than-truckload and truckload distribution networks. And it added that this new facility is part of the company’s branded distribution and fulfillment network that is made up of more than 1 million square feet of freight and inventory staging space spread across more than 20 locations in Central and Southern US.

“We are excited to increase our presence in this vital freight market to better serve the growing needs of our customers,” says Wayne Spain, Averitt’s president and chief operating officer. “Whether it’s moving cargo to or from the Port of Savannah or managing inventory for order fulfillment, this new facility will expand our ability to assist our customers at every turn in their supply chain.”

An Averitt spokesman told LM that this new facility increases the company’s freight-handling capacity in the Atlanta market, explaining this is one of the busiest hubs for freight transportation in the nation and within Averitt’s direct footprint.

“As a branded Averitt Distribution and Fulfillment Center, the location also increases our flexibility to deliver a wider array of services that are not as easily achieved in a traditional service center (terminal) environment,” the spokesman said.

When asked what the main customer benefits of this facility are for shippers, the Averitt spokesman noted how the company can now provide shippers quick access to freight staging space in Atlanta.

“Our team can handle essentially all aspects of freight and inventory management and distribution out of our new facility,” he said. “From a supply chain management perspective, by utilizing our distribution and fulfillment center in Atlanta, or any other similar Averitt location for that matter, we can help reduce the amount of resources and time that a customer would spend by managing their own warehouse or distribution center operation.”

As for Averitt’s Georgia operations, the spokesman said this new facility provides a warehousing and freight staging solution catered to inland service needs.

“This location is positioned to enhance our regional distribution capabilities for shippers as well as localized shipping needs such as final mile and white glove delivery,” he said. “On the other hand, our Averitt PortSide facility in Savannah offers similar services, including warehousing, that are primarily targeted towards shippers that move cargo in and out of the port. By combining the power of our distribution and fulfillment operations with those of our PortSide and traditional trucking service centers, the level of customization that we can offer shippers is practically endless.”