ASM software upgrade gives one- stop – shop freight management solutions

Published: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Agency Sector Management (ASM) has launched a major upgrade of its Sequoia software, which now gives users a complete freight management system, from job and shipment management and documentation through to Customs declarations, job costing and invoicing.

The new release gives users a single application where data is shared across all functions such as job costing and producing documentation, as well as for the Customs declaration process, avoiding the need for data to be rekeyed and therefore saving time and costs, as well as reducing errors.

“Productivity and compliance are really important to our customers,” said Simon Adams, Program Manager, ASM.

“This upgrade will further support them in staying compliant with the evolving legislative landscape and allow them to complete the entire freight management process in one application.”

The new release of Sequoia, which is available now, integrates into existing ASM software without added cost to form part of the core functionality, eliminating the need for separate invoicing, sales management, or job costing software.

“As Brexit negotiations develop, we are bound to see more pressure on Customs systems and regulations, which are in any case old and in the process of being replaced,” said Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, Agency Sector Management.

“ASM customers need a flexible and adaptable solution to rise to these challenges and the new release will support them to do just that as well as bringing time and cost savings by delivering a one stop shop for the entire freight management process.”

The new software’s flexibility and ability to adapt will support users in staying compliant as Customs requirements develop and the Brexit process evolves.