Aramex safeguards sensitive customer information with Citrix solutions

Published: Sunday, March 5, 2017

Aramex partnered with Citrix to resolve its challenge of providing 18,000 couriers and staff with reliable, secure access to core business apps regardless of their location in 66 countries around the world.

The NetScaler ADC solution enables Aramex to utilize a software-first approach giving drivers the freedom to view addresses and cargo manifests much more efficiently. With employees working in this manner, Aramex can process a higher number of customer orders, generating more revenue for the business.

Combined with AppFirewall which protects against known and unknown attacks, including zero-day threats, Aramex can face more demands than ever, ranging from cloud computing to 24/7 availability to mitigating security threats.

“The change in consumer behaviour and their increasing demand for faster and more efficient delivery services at their convenience meant that we need to analyse how to meet these requirements,” said Ayd Asraf, IT DevOps lead, Aramex. “By installing Citrix products, we are now able to provide our drivers with innovative technology in the palm of their hands, giving them faster access to information and ultimately offering a faster service to millions of customers.”

“The successful implementation of NetScaler within Aramex is a testament to the way in which Citrix technologies are transforming the way companies operate their businesses,” added Arthur Dell, director, Technology Sales & Services, MEA, Citrix. “We look forward to building out this partnership further and helping Aramex continue to be a regional powerhouse, facilitating global trade in a fast paced market.”

Key benefits for Aramex:

•A more productive workforce – using apps and files from anywhere and at any time, delivery drivers can access addresses and cargo manifests much more efficiently. With more of their time freed up, they can prioritize important work and spend less time on administrative tasks.

•Affordable scalability – As Aramex continues its global expansion, they required a flexible solution that could grow with them. NetScaler ADC achieves this by providing a pay-as-you-go model with options to scale up and down as demands change over time.

•Fortified network security – Customers are able to prepare and track shipments, schedule pickups, prepare invoices, and more via Aramex’s website all of which requires their data. NetScaler AppFirewall defends the site against attacks while keeping customers’ personal details secure—all without compromising the overall user experience.