‘Aramex Fleet’ to boost economic growth in Saudi Arabia

Published: Thursday, January 10, 2019

Aramex has introduced ‘Aramex Fleet’, a crowd-based delivery platform that connects Saudi nationals to flexible last mile delivery work to leverage Saudi Arabia’s sharing economy.

Aramex is the first major international logistics and transportation provider to integrate this service in the MENA region, and plans to introduce the platform to at least 10 more countries over the next 12 months.

“We are excited to announce the launch of ‘Aramex Fleet’ in Saudi Arabia – Aramex’s largest market in the Middle East and a country which is leading the growth of the sharing economy in the region,” said Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Nowaiser, general manager of Aramex in Saudi Arabia.

“‘Aramex Fleet’ will help to boost economic growth in Saudi Arabia by empowering Saudi nationals through crowdsourced employment opportunities and flexible working hours, whilst increasing last mile delivery capacity for customers during busy periods,” he added.

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Saudi nationals are invited to join the Aramex Fleet platform through the official website: fleet.aramex.com.

It follows a network-based business model that provides Saudi nationals (‘Fleeters’) with income per successful delivery. All Fleeters are on-boarded through a dedicated digital platform, which provides security and transparency by recording names, vehicle types, and license plate numbers.

The introduction of Aramex Fleet to Saudi Arabia follows Aramex’s launch of WhatsApp for Business in October of this year, as part of the company’s efforts to enhance customer experience and digitize the end-to-end shipment journey.

The initial version of WhatsApp for Business includes track and trace functionality as well as a ‘find Aramex nearest location’ feature.

Aramex is not alone in its crowd-sourcing plans for Saudi Arabia, the e-commerce platform noon.com has announced similar plans for the country.