Amerijet selects Quantum-South to provide aircraft load optimization technology

Published: Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Freighter operator Amerijet International has selected Quantum-South to provide aircraft load optimization technology to ensure aircraft are fully utilized.

Quantum-South’s solution helps to optimize container placement to maximize transported weight, volume, priority mix, or revenue mix, with a focus on Center of Gravity (CoG) optimization.

Another module selects shipments for each flight to optimize the booked priority, with container assignment and instructions on how to build the container, such as the location and order of placement for each piece in the shipment.

During a proof of concept project, Quantum-South said that it examined data from 451 flights and identified loading alternatives that increased payload by up to 30% and volume by up to 76%.

Amerijet International chief commercial officer Eric Wilson said: “This substantial enhancement in cargo load factor can greatly enhance revenue per flight and increase opportunities for customers through more efficient use of capacity.”

He added: “Optimizing flight load plans and augmenting process efficiency helps us provide the best capacity offering to our customers while maximizing the load of every flight.”

Quantum-South co-founder & president Rafael Sotelo added: “We are excited to continue working with Amerijet International and uncover more optimization opportunities to further enhance operations.”

Miami-based Amerijet currently operates a fleet of 23 aircraft – 17 B767Fs and six B757s.

Late last year, chief executive Tim Strauss said the airline was hoping to expand its fleet from 22 to 27 aircraft this year, with five B767s due to join in 2023.