Alibaba, Liege Airport work together to use Aviation Brain

Published: Thursday, December 12, 2019

Alibaba Cloud and Liege Airport have announced a joint plan to work together to utilize Aviation Brain, a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) program that helps the aviation sector tackle real world operational challenges.

Liege Airport said it hopes to leverage Alibaba Cloud’s technologies to improve procedures and efficiency.

The two hope to work together to reduce on-the-ground logjams by refreshing the aircraft parking apron utilization, or parking spaces for aircraft, in order to increase efficiency and minimize aircraft relocation time.

The usage of specialized technologies also allows flight dispatchers to make more timely and precise decisions to space out arrivals and avoid possible bottlenecks on the runway.

Commenting on the announcement, Luc Partoune, chief executive of Liege Airport, said, “It is imperative that we are functioning as efficiently as possible to ensure cargo planes originated from and arriving at Liege airport will operate safely and timely.

“Alibaba Cloud’s Aviation Brain will provide the world-class technology capabilities required to keep delays to a minimum, and we want to tap on the experience to build Liege Airport as the exemplary aviation hub in Europe.”