Airways Aviation adds business jet to its fleet

Published: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Airways Aviation is commencing its first high-performance jet experience for graduates and cadets, with the addition of a Hawker Premier 1A business jet to the company’s training fleet.

The new aircraft will allow Airways Aviation to provide jet handling experience for airline partners, within its bespoke airline cadet training programmes including Multi-Crew Pilot Licence and the Elite Pathways Programme. This will afford graduates the best real-world flying experience as they build their flight hours to achieve an unfrozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) and emerge as fully industry-ready pilots.

Graduates also have the opportunity to work for Airways Aviation, taking a role as a first officer on the jet to build up their experience.

Ian Cooper, CEO of Airways Aviation, says, “The addition of the Hawker jet to our fleet reflects our commitment to raising the standard of commercial pilot training. Now, graduates and cadets of our airline partners can advance their training and experience with flying hours in a high-performance jet.”

The Hawker is embarking on an 18-stop tour of Airways’ global flight and foundation schools, with visits planned to the UK, Montenegro, Italy, Lebanon, Dubai and Turkey, among others.