Air Cargo Challenge 8


#1. How old is the air cargo industry this year?

#2. This cargo airline is touted as the world’s largest in terms of freight tons flown.

#3. This airport was the busiest in 2019 handling nearly 5 million tons of cargo.

#4. What is the name of Turkish Cargo’s new AI-powered chatbot?

#5. How many kilos are there in 1 ton?

#6. What is Saudia Cargo’s newest destination?

#7. How many flights did Emirates dedicate to send aid to Lebanon?

#8. This country is known for its chaotic airspace and tough terrain making it difficult for cargo flights.

#9. This airline traces its history to a Douglas DC-3 plane gifted to a king.

#10. This cargo airline has 85 offices in more than 50 countries.