Aircargo Challenge 49


#1. Who made a name for herself as the ‘Tomboy of the Air’?

#2. CargoAi recently teamed up with which logistic platform?

#3. WFS recently opened its 3rd cargo handling facility at Copenhagen Airport?

#4. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner received how many minutes of ETOPS (extended twin operations) certification in 2014, indicating that it can fly more than 5 hours on just one engine before landing?

#5. In 2021, air freight accounted for how many million metric tons of cargo?

#6. Goods transported by air are worth how many trillions of dollars every single year?

#7. Who invented pallets in 1930?

#8. In 1969, which country opened the world’s 1st fully autonomous warehouse?

#9. Large ships can fit up to how many containers at one time?

#10. Around how many million people are employed in the ocean freight industry, and around how many percentage of them are male?