Aircargo Challenge 46


#1. How many jobs are projected to be created with DHL’s EUR560 million investments on UK’s e-commerce industry?

#2. This airline is poised to have the world’s largest fleet of 20 Overture Supersonic aircraft created by Boom Supersonic.

#3. How many Boeing-737 Max is Delta Airlines adding to its fleet?

#4. This air cargo carrier will have a total of 27 weekly passenger and freighter flights between Abu Dhabi and the United States from November 2022.

#5. How much did the Kuwait-based innovative logistics company Agility acquired Menzies Aviation?

#6. Name Vietnam’s first cargo airline set-up by Vietnamese billionaire Jonathan Hanh Nguyen which is about to take off soon.

#7. Name India’s top airport hub which in 2021 handled more than 411,000 metric tons of cargo.

#8. How many metric tons of wheat did the World Food Program shipped from war-torn Ukraine to drought-hit Horn of Africa?

#9. Salmon farming specialist and exporter Bakkafrost has set up its own air cargo subsidiary, FarCargo, to mainly ship Salmon from this island to the US.

#10. This European trucking manufacturer made the world’s first electric timber truck.