Aircargo Challenge 45


#1. Which European city is known to be the 3rd busiest destination for business aircraft and has 5 different Fixed Base Operators (FBO)?

#2. This is Emirates’ 1st flight flown from Dubai International Airport since pausing operations in March 2020 due to the pandemic.

#3. Which country recently launched a new $5.79m project on behalf of the ICAO to monitor space weather in entire African region and globally?

#4. Which satellite carried the 1st living passenger in to orbit, a dog named Laika?

#5. Which aviation agency recently ended its approval of cargo-in-the-cabin flights?

#6. The 1st commercial shipment using Envirotainer’s Releye RAP temperature controlled container was handled by which Cargo airline?

#7. Which cargo airline will add B777 freighters for the 1st time as it continues to expand its presence in the all-cargo market?

#8. How many miles per hour do Satellites travel?

#9. How many percentage of women compose of truck drivers in the US?

#10. Who invented the first tractor-trailer over one hundred years ago in 1914 when a customer wanted a vehicle that could haul a boat?