Aircargo Challenge 43


#1. Dubai Airports recently announced the successfully one-time completion of its’s northern runway project. Which was the 1 st airline to depart from the new runway shortly after?

#2. Which country’s government have pledged to strengthen their freight and trade corridor by investing $105 million in making their air transportation system more reliable in the face of extreme weather and connecting remote communities?

#3. Which planet was named after the Roman God of war?

#4. Which country recently joined destructive direct-ascent antisatellite (ASAT) testing ban?

#5. WFS partnered with NRGreen to power its air cargo facilities at Denmark’s which airport with solar power and help decarbonize its operations?

#6. Which form of PL have close relationships with shipping carriers and are able to negotiate rates, which helps merchants reduce shipping costs, as well as offer a variety of shipping options for their customers?

#7. Which country is looking to launch liquid propellant rockets from the seas?

#8. Which aviator was repeatedly turned down by US aviation schools, but was able to travel to France for training?

#9. In 1932, which aviator became the first woman and the second person after Charles Lindbergh to fly the Atlantic solo?

#10. 90 years ago, Australian aviator Hubert Wilkins and Canadian pilot Ben Eielson flew their Lockheed Vega over the Arctic from Alaska to Norway, without the aid of a compass.