Aircargo Challenge 42


#1. This airline performed 42 EcoFlights & 22 Contrail flights in 5 days, the world’s most intensive sustainable flight-testing program.

#2. How many new Boeing-777 “preighters” did Saudia Cargo commissioned Mammoth Freighters to build?

#3. What does SAF stand for?

#4. The flypast for Her Majesty the Queens Platinum Jubilee included almost every type of aircraft, from the Royal Air Force, to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the world-famous Red Arrows and the Fleet Air Arm. How many planes participated in the flypast?

#5. This US-based top cargo carrier has committed to finance for three years the environmental non-profit project, Rewilding Europe.

#6. CAL Cargo, known for transporting goods between Israel and Europe, now renamed as Challenge Airlines IL, will be headquartered to?

#7. How much did Qatar Airways Group earn in FY2021-22, the highest in its 25-year history?

#8. Name this logistics company that launched the worldwide campaign “Cycling Around the World” using an app to record and count the distance covered. It was so successful that it's now on its third cycle.

#9. Lufthansa Cargo recently opened its first warehouse facility for fine arts in Frankfurt which it named as?

#10. Uber Freight, a subsidiary of Uber, that pairs trucking companies with those seeking to transport loads is worth how much?