Aircargo Challenge 2


#1. Which of these is the largest international cargo airline in the world?

#2. Which cargo airline carried two Beluga whales from China to an idyllic sanctuary in Iceland?

#3. This international cargo carrier had the first scheduled air cargo service and ULD in the world.

#4. Which cargo carrier serves the biggest economy in the Middle East?

#5. This cargo brand ships to 90 direct cargo destinations and access to more than 127 countries.

#6. Which passenger airline now uses its aircraft for cargo to help fight COVID-19?

#7. Name the King that secretly flew commercial plane for over 21 years?

#8. Which cargo carrier introduced Germany to e-freight and paperless era?

#9. Which airline flew 2,000-day-old chicks from Sydney to Manila in 1946?

#10. What is the world’s biggest plane?