Airbus selects Curtiss-Wright to provide custom electric actuation technology for Airbus A350F freighter aircraft

Published: Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Aviation manufacturing company Curtiss-Wright has been selected by Airbus to provide custom electric actuation technology for the maindeck cargo door on the Airbus A350F freighter aircraft.

Under the contract, Curtiss-Wright will provide Airbus with an electro-mechanical actuation solution that features rotary and linear actuators, alongside control and power electronics, to open, close, latch and lock the A350F’s main deck cargo door.

Curtiss-Wright’s actuation solution includes a high-voltage DC architecture that is designed to minimize weight, offer improved reliability over legacy systems, and incorporate health monitoring functions.

The products covered by the agreement will be shipped to Airbus in different European facilities. Curtiss-Wright designs and manufactures its electric actuation products at its Shelby, North Carolina and Stratford, Ontario facilities.

The A350F, a variant of the Airbus A350, will be the first widebody freighter aircraft built with a majority of composite materials.

“Curtiss-Wright is very proud to have been selected to provide our critical electric actuation technology expertise in support of the new A350F freighter, as this contract represents our first electromechanical actuation contract award with Airbus and further expands the breadth of our leading-edge technologies to the commercial aerospace industry,” said Lynn Bamford, chair and chief executive of Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

“In addition, this program closely aligns with our strategy of helping our customers improve the functionality and reliability of their aircraft, including enhanced fuel efficiency, through the use of innovative electromechanical actuation systems.”

Silk Way West is the latest named customer for the A350F, having signed a purchase agreement for two of the aircraft model in June.