Air Partner successfully delivers time-critical ship spares on time

Published: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Air Partner said its cargo team has successfully delivered time-critical ship spares from West Palm Beach, US, to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.
The Air Partner Cargo team, based at the group’s US headquarter offices in Fort Lauderdale, responded to a charter request to carry 13 tons (12,940 kgs) of ship parts to St. Croix, “proposing an efficient and direct air charter solution that met the tight delivery schedule while accommodating a significant cargo size and complying with airport requirements”.
Air Partner said the Cargo team recommended the L100-30 Hercules as the optimal aircraft for transporting the cargo to its destination. As this rear-loading plane is capable of being offloaded with a forklift, it was suitable for use at Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX) since the airport is not presently equipped with a cargo high loader for oversized freight aircraft deliveries.
Air Partner’s cargo specialists procured and dispatched the aircraft based on the client’s needs, and took the essential measures to load the ship spares onto the plane promptly upon arrival at the airport, well in advance of departure, said the company.
Ensuring proper and timely logistical requirements of the marine parts helped safeguard the cargo’s security while guaranteeing an on-time departure by the following morning.
“Reliably moving cargo of all sizes around the globe is the standard for Air Partner, so in a time-critical situation like this, we can efficiently present and execute a solution that accounts for detailed planning, expert logistics, and seamless cooperation through our global network,” said Pierre Van Der Stichele, vice president of Air Partner’s global freight division.
“Having a complete end-to-end solution supported by a dedicated team provides a sense of assurance that delivery will be met when it matters most.”
“When operations get disrupted, it impacts business and consumers, so it’s essential for cruise operators to take action quickly to avoid negatively impacting hundreds or even thousands of passengers and crew,” said Andrew Holmes, vice president of Cargo US at Air Partner.
“Given our extensive experience, we were able to offer a cargo aircraft charter solution that provided the quickest and most reliable method to transport the parts on time, helping to solve a critical issue during the peak season.”