Air Cargo Challenge 36


#1. What is the world’s 1st zero-emission commercial aircraft called?

#2. Which planet has a slow axis, taking 243 Earth days to complete its day?

#3. Which China-based airline recently took delivery of its 69th freighter aircraft?

#4. Which is the world’s 2nd oldest airline, established in 1920?

#5. An aircraft takes off or lands every how many seconds at Chicago O Hare’s International Airport?

#6. Traveling by air can shed up to how many liters of water from the body during an average 3 hour flight?

#7. Which airport was originally named as Idlewild Airport?

#8. A commercial aircraft flies at an average speed of how many kilometers per hour?

#9. In which year did the 1st transatlantic flight took place?

#10. Which was the 1st airline in the world to introduce business class?