Air Cargo Challenge 35


#1. The first cargo flight took place in the US on 07 November 1910 carrying what package for the opening of a store?

#2. When did Boeing launch the first wide-body four-engine aircraft 747?

#3. A charter flight is also known as?

#4. Which country recently sent Ukraine a “lethal aid” which includes 200,000 pounds of ammunition for frontline defenders amid the country’s growing conflict with Russia?

#5. This group of airlines is known as the “Wings of Russia.”

#6. This country takes pride in building the world’s largest cargo aircraft, the Antonov An-225 Mriya, still in operation more than 30 years since its first flight.

#7. Name the world’s busiest airport for international travel.

#8. How much money would the Tatas need to resuscitate Air India?

#9. How much cargo tons did Miami International Airport handled in 2021, its best so far?

#10. Name this airport in India which serves 74 domestic destinations that is now the major transfer hub to South India.