Air Cargo Challenge 34


#1. The global air cargo demand grew this much in 2021 compared to 2020 per IATA.

#2. Name this newly-created cargo airline in the Caspian region with direct flights to China.

#3. How much freight were carried by air cargo carriers in 2017?

#4. This company was the first to get the FAA approval to use drones for deliveries.

#5. What aircraft model is Airbus using to launch its new air cargo service?

#6. The Indian government is poised to hand-over its national carrier, Air India, to this international conglomerate.

#7. Name the latest low-cost privately-owned airline in India set to take-off in May or June.

#8. ECS Group and Paris-based data science and software company Wiremind have recently created this tech-focused joint venture.

#9. How many airlines are currently licensed to operate around the world?

#10. This was the busiest airport in Europe in 2021 with more than 37 million passengers handled.