Air Cargo Challenge 33


#1. Who was the 1st female hired by Air Canada?

#2. Which airline became the 1st airline to use SAF (Sustainable aviation fuel) for 100% of fuel requirements on a passenger flight?

#3. Which airline recently extended its cargo handling partnership with Frankfurt Cargo Services?

#4. Which is the world’s 1st orbital class reusable rocket?

#5. Which type of technology paved a long way in the logistics industry from improving package labeling to streamlining warehouse sorting systems to faster deliveries?

#6. Unlike automated machines, what are designed to perform tasks similar to humans, resembling a human being, as well as replicating certain human improvements and functions?

#7. What does this packaging symbol denote?

#8. Identify this badge.

#9. What generally has the greatest impact on the shelf life of perishable foods?

#10. Which airline mainly serves long-haul leisure destinations and is also owned by Lufthansa Group.