Air Cargo Challenge 29


#1. Which Boeing is made up of 6 million parts?

#2. Who is the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft?

#3. Which airline recently opened its 600-acre cargo hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport?

#4. Which European airport introduced a new self-driving guide robot, called YAPE, to accompany passengers to their gates and help them transport their luggage?

#5. The word ‘logistics’ comes from a 19th-century French word, ‘logistique’.

#6. Which European Airport recently reported a 34.7% increase in total cargo volumes in July up to 74,848 tons?

#7. WFS expands its presence in France with which acquisition?

#8. Which type of logistics is the process involving the return movement of goods away from their final destination for the purpose of capturing value or proper disposal?

#9. Which kind of PL is the outsourcing of logistics activities to a single partner? For the customer, the single partner administers and runs the supply chain by looking after the warehouse operations, shipping organizations, cargo forwarders, and agents.

#10. Inbound and outbound logistics refer to two of the most common processes to move goods throughout the retail supply chain. While they are similar in nature and both involve the transportation of products across various distribution channels, inbound logistics deals with supply and outbound logistics fulfills demand.