Air Cargo Challenge 28


#1. This American cargo plane made world record when it successfully flew about 823 people out of Kabul as the Talibans took over Afghanistan’s capital following the US withdrawal on its longest war.

#2. How many passenger planes will the US-based Eastern Airlines convert to enter the all-cargo market?

#3. How many flights a day did Amazon operate in August as e-Commerce business rises?

#4. Name this new cargo carrier in Italy serving flights between Milan and China.

#5. This country is building a 660-km long US$4.5 billion electrified railway linking the Red Sea and Mediterranean ports of Ain Sukhna and Alexandria.

#6. This Southeast Asian national carrier recently filed for bankruptcy in New York amid the fallout on passenger sales due to the pandemic.

#7. Name the world’s busiest airport in 2020 which handled nearly 44 million passengers.

#8. UNICEF foresees to ship this much tons of COVID-19 vaccines every month to reach the COVAX goals.

#9. Home to FedEx, this civil-military airport handled the largest cargo volumes in 2020 at more than 4.6 million tons.

#10. This Indian pharmaceutical airport hub is seeing more business due to the pandemic.