Air Cargo Challenge 24


#1. How many times more power does a container ship engine have over a family car?

#2. Time:matters expanded Sameday Air Service between Europe and US via which country?

#3. My DHLi online bookings recently went up by how many percentage?

#4. Which type of engines were used to power up a lot of fighter and bomber planes such as the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire?

#5. Which Airbus plane reaches a maximum takeoff weight of 575 tons?

#6. Dave Soaper is the President of which cargo airline?

#7. Bombardier was founded in:

#8. Boeing was first known as Aero Products Company.

#9. “Air Cargo digitization is finally happening and we are happy to accelerate its transformation”. Who said this?

#10. Is this any way to run an airline? – You bet it is! Which airline has this slogan?