Air Cargo Challenge 23


#1. Saudia Cargo recently launched “preighter” flights to this vibrant city in Europe.

#2. This European airport was the first to achieve carbon neutrality in 2009.

#3. Dubai hosted this first global in-person/hybrid aviation industry event despite the pandemic.

#4. How much losses did the global airline industry incur in 2020?

#5. With vaccine distribution now in full swing, how much more cargo volumes are forecast to be added to the air cargo industry?

#6. This company has the world’s largest direct cargo flight network at 96 destinations.

#7. Passenger traffic dropped globally on average by this much in 2020 due to the pandemic?

#8. This type of fuel can be made from feedstocks, agricultural residues, algae, waste oils and even carbon.

#9. This airline is the largest in Latin America.

#10. This African cargo carrier transported over 1 million COVID-19 vaccines from Beijing to Harare in a single flight.