Air Cargo Challenge 22


#1. The Ben-Gurion airport is the largest international airport in Israel, and it serves as the main gateway to Israel.

#2. Across the globe, X airports with X trade lanes, and an astonishing 68 million people have jobs supported by the aviation industry.

#3. Which goods have to be handled with care because of their sensitivity to time, extreme temperatures and humidity?

#4. Which airport has this logo?

#5. Which air cargo has this logo?

#6. With a turnover of 2.8 billion euros and 6.5 billion revenue tonne-kilometers in 2020, this cargo is one of the world's leading companies in the transport of air freight

#7. Hope probe is also known as:

#8. UAE’s first interplanetary mission is:

#9. UPS delivers approximately X packages per year

#10. DHL was founded in: