Air Cargo Challenge 20


#1. In which year did Alberto Santos-Dumont made his 1st public flight in Europe.

#2. What distance and when did Henri Farman completed his 1st European circular flight.

#3. Louise Bleriot brought the early experimental era of aviation to an end on July 25th 1909.

#4. On an average how much does Pharmaceutical companies lose per small package shipment due to temperature slips.

#5. How many pallets are in service in the US each day and of it 93% of these pallets are made of which material.

#6. Which of the following is the world’s oldest airport in operation.

#7. Bremen Airport is located in:

#8. Which of the following airport serves as the major hub for low-cost airlines in Europe.

#9. Sydney Airport was officially opened in 1920 as:

#10. The first airmail operations began in June 1928 at: