Air Cargo Challenge 19


#1. What is the term coined to a passenger plane converted into a freighter?

#2. This Paris-based company is a global leader in GSSA business with clients across over 47 countries.

#3. Silk Way West Airlines has its hub at this airport.

#4. How many cargo airports does India have?

#5. This Chinese airline which owns Air China Import & Export Co. is buying 18 A320neo family aircraft.

#6. How many “preighter” cargo-only flights did Emirates SkyCargo operate since the pandemic began last year?

#7. This Middle East-based cargo carrier recently teamed up with Alibaba’s Cainiao Network to speed up shipments of goods.

#8. This scheme ensures some 92 poorer countries get access to COVID vaccines.

#9. Amazon Air is expanding its operations to this state that once belonged to Russia.

#10. This Kenyan cargo airline choose the UAE’s Sharjah Airport as its hub in the Middle East.