Air Cargo Challenge 17


#1. This cargo carrier has the world’s largest GDP compliant air cargo hub for vaccine distribution.

#2. Turkish Cargo initiated this free global webinar event to exchange opinions and ideas about the air cargo industry.

#3. Which of these international bodies warned about the organized crime threat to COVID-19 vaccines?

#4. How many employees does Deutsche Post DHL Group have worldwide?

#5. This inventor patented the world’s first wooden pallet in 1925 after the forklift was invented.

#6. Which airline offers Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru free domestic transportation of COVID-19 vaccines?

#7. This global delivery services company is Memphis, Tennessee’s biggest employer.

#8. Which airport is India’s ADANI Group poised to build?

#9. This country is the largest producer of milk, jute and pulses in the world.

#10. Name the busiest US airport for international freight and perishable products.