Air Cargo Challenge 10


#1. FedEx first introduced this software to trace customers’ shipments on the web on this year.

#2. This country posted the highest export value in 2019 at over $2.5 trillion.

#3. This cargo brand flies to more countries than any other freight carriers.

#4. Which of these companies deliver nearly 22 million packages and documents every day?

#5. Name the $70 million horse, the most expensive in the world, transported via air cargo.

#6. What is Saudi Arabia’s newest company handling ground handling services in all of its airports?

#7. The short name for passenger planes utilized as freighters.

#8. This Indian airport specializes on pharmaceutical products.

#9. This airline owns 70 Boeing 777 aircraft making it the world’s largest fleet operator of this plane.

#10. How many airports does China operate?