Air Atlanta Icelandic makes pivotal management changes to strengthen aircraft investment

Published: Friday, January 11, 2019

Air Atlanta Icelandic has made a number of management changes, with new roles for Hannes Hilmarsson, Baldvin Hermannsson and Unndor Jonsson.

The Icelandic ACMI and charter airline says the main objective of changing the corporate structure is to increase the focus on Air Atlanta’s fleet growth and renewal, to strengthen business development and strategic planning, and to further enhance aircraft investment.

Hilmarsson, who has been CEO since 2006 assumes the role of executive chairman of Air Atlanta Icelandic and managing director of sister company Northern Lights Leasing.

Hermannsson has taken over as CEO, having been senior vice president sales and marketing since 2008 and a member of the executive committee.

Jonsson takes the role of vice president sales and marketing, having previously worked at Air Atlanta from 1996 to 2007 various flight operations roles and re-joining in 2018 as director travel.

Hilmarsson says the company has come a long way since he took over as CEO in 2006, and has built up an efficient fleet of Boeing 747-400s while retiring older and inefficient aircraft.

He says: “I am personally convinced that these management changes will make a good Company even better, and at the same time strengthen the airline for the next chapter in Air Atlanta‘s successful history.”

Hermannsson says he takes the role “with pride and great enthusiasm” after 10 years in charge of sales and marketing.

He says: “Air Atlanta Icelandic has a great history, dedicated and hard-working employees and has accumulated a wealth of experience and competencies that are hard matched in the industry. It is on these foundations that the Management team intents to move Air Atlanta Icelandic further into twin engine operations in coming years, whilst at the same time retaining our flexibility and reputation as a quality, reliable operator.”