AIA launches GSSA partnership with TAP Air Cargo

Published: Thursday, June 16, 2022

AIA (Airbridge International Agencies) has launched a GSSA partnership with TAP Air Cargo. The partnership commenced in May 2022. TAP Air Cargo are able to offer 93 weekly flights from London Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester and Dublin, with weekly air capacity at 160,000kg. As well as a high weekly capacity per week there will be over 30 countries served worldwide.

AIA are a cargo GSSA service provider who pride themselves on giving a world class service with solutions for their cargo GSSA requirements. The team at AIA are dedicated to loyally serve their airline partners with a dedicated focus on their unique brands and strengths. Founded in 2008, the vision of CEO, Mark Andrew, was to provide airlines with an exceptional, viable, pro-active solution for their cargo GSSA requirements.

“We are delighted to welcome TAP Cargo further into the AIA family. Having worked with TAP recently in South America we are delighted to have the chance to prove ourselves within the UK and Ireland. TAP Cargo offers our forwarding clients important gateways via its Lisbon hub into Africa, North and South America plus strategic European hubs,” says Mark Andrew CEO Airbridge International Agencies group.

TAP has a strong focus on customer satisfaction through their reliable and personalized service. There are a wide range of services that TAP Cargo offer, from fragile to complex items including live cargo, shipping on both passenger and cargo aircrafts. Having had over 1800 flights per week, transported 83,317 tons of cargo and served 340 airports in 2021 proves how much of reputable airline they are.