Abu Dhabi Ports open Covid-19 testing facilities at Zayed Port and Khalifa Port

Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Stepping up efforts to preserve the health and safety of maritime personnel in Abu Dhabi and to drive business continuity, Abu Dhabi Ports has constructed Covid-19 testing facilities at both Zayed Port and Khalifa Port.

Accessible to all Abu Dhabi Ports employees, contractors and subcontractors active in the ports, the new facilities, which were constructed in record-time within one day, can process up to 700 tests daily. Housing the latest in medical diagnostic equipment for detecting COVID-19, the 150 sqm facilities are fully staffed by qualified medical personnel who can conduct the tests in a matter of minutes with results returning within 24 hours. Abu Dhabi Ports aims to conduct 6,000 tests in the upcoming days.

Captain Hazzaa Al Junaibi, Corporate Security Manager, Abu Dhabi Ports, said, “Hundreds of thousands of port personnel, ship crews, and offshore workers across the world are running critical maritime operations, day and night, to ensure that the global supply chain continues to move critical cargo to where it is most needed.

“As part of our fight against COVID-19, it is imperative we redouble our efforts to protect the health of these invaluable individuals, so they can continue to support our vital economic and trade lifelines and help mitigate the overall impact of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Abu Dhabi Ports has introduced several measures to ensure that health and safety is maintained across all aspects of its operations. This includes the introduction of temperature screening at all sea checkpoints, as well as thermal scans of all vessel crews and offshore personnel operating in Abu Dhabi waters.
The port authority also regularly sends medical teams to all its maritime assets including Al Dhafra region ports to ensure the safety of all operating staff and business continuity.

Abu Dhabi Ports has commenced an ongoing disinfection and sterilization exercise across all its maritime facilities in line with the Department of Health’s directives for combatting the spread of the coronavirus.

Additionally, the port authority has stepped up efforts to tackle the economic impact of COVID-19, by unveiling several relief packages to support customers within its industrial zone cluster, who are challenged by the current market conditions. Aiding them to continue being competitive within their respective markets, the relief efforts fall in line with UAE’s directives to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the economy.

The continued hard work of the world’s maritime industry is playing an integral role in ensuring global supply chains remain active and those essential sectors, such as the food and healthcare industries, receive the cargo they need to remain operational.

To show its support for critical infrastructure personnel and healthcare providers battling COVID-19, Abu Dhabi Ports has enacted a solidarity campaign that will continue to run until the conclusion of the global pandemic. Aptly named ‘Horn of Hope’, the initiative sees the daily sounding of horns in 15-second bursts from all ships in harbors around the world.