1st SAF flight takes off from Brussels Airport

Published: Friday, January 13, 2023

The first flight of an aircraft powered by Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supplied by pipeline at Brussels Airport took off on January 1.
The flight was completed by Brussels Airlines from the Belgian airport to Malaga following the first delivery of SAF to the airport via NATO’s Central Europe Pipeline System.
“Brussels Airport is the only Belgian airport that is fully connected to this pipeline network and had been asking for some time to be able to receive not only kerosene but also SAF via this pipeline,” the airport said. “Thanks to the cooperation of NATO, this has been possible since today.”
The airport aims for 5% of its total kerosene imports should SAF.
“The fact that we can now transport sustainable aviation fuel from the blending facility all the way to our aircraft at Brussels Airport in a fast and environmentally friendly way is an important step to increase the use of this type of fuel in the near future,” said Peter Gerber, chief executive of Brussels Airlines.
Late last year, Liege Airport in Belgium said it had also connected to the pipeline system for SAF imports.