16m passengers are expected to fly out of DXB this summer

Published: Monday, July 8, 2019

Dubai International Airport (DXB) have announced that they are expecting over 16 million passengers in July and August this year, and have urged people travelling at that time to allow themselves extra time by arriving early to the airport.

DXB is the busiest international airport in the world and is always a hive of activity, but never more so than in the summer, with many UAE residents escaping the heat, heading to cooler climes and people from all over the world coming to or through Dubai for a holiday.

As a result of the surge in passengers, travellers should expect roads to the airport to be busy too, so aiming to arrive at the airport three hours before your departure is advised.

DXB have provided a list of Smart Tips to ensure passengers have a smooth as possible journey throughout the airport’s busy period, including checking your airport and terminal details, arriving early, checking in online, ensuring you have the right baggage weight as well as checking what you have in your hand luggage.