Published: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In our constant endeavor to deliver expansive, quality coverage of air cargo industry, we have revamped our website, giving it a fresh, new look. The new website features better coverage of news, analysis and opinions including pictorials related to the industry.

As an industry expert, with 15 long years of experience in the air cargo industry, Air Cargo Update covers 68 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Through the years, we have realized the importance of digitalization and the role of new media in reaching out to the masse. The revamping of our website is yet another step forward in this regard.

The new website features more space for latest news and opinions. It also serves as a platform for interaction between the readers and industry experts. Hoards of new features you will encounter on the website have been designed in a hassle-free, reader-friendly manner. So happy time browsing around!

As always, we are eager to hear from you. Please do write back with your valuable comments, inputs and suggestions.