WFS Partners with Cind to Revolutionize Cargo Handling with ContourSpect 3D Modeling Software

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), a member of the SATS Group, will deploy Cind’s ContourSpect 3D modelling software at selected stations across its Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia (EMEAA) network following a successful Proof of Concept (POC) in its cargo terminal at Copenhagen Airport.

WFS is Cind’s launch partner for ContourSpect in the cargo handling industry. The software has been developed to build ULD’s more efficiently and to optimise cargo capacity, which, in turn, presents opportunities to reduce climate impact.

ContourSpect creates a 3D model of cargo loaded on an air cargo pallet and compares this in real-time with the selected virtual contour. The tool is designed to eliminate the need for manual measurements and time-consuming quality control by immediately indicating if the ULD build-up is out of contour. This increases operational productivity and ensures all ULD’s leaving the warehouse are 100% ‘fit to fly’.

ContourSpect uses 3D cameras positioned around the ULD build-up area to monitor the contour frame. Fixed screens provide the cargo operator with real-time updates, providing one fixed picture from each corner and one rotating contour. A green frame confirms no cargo is outside of the contour, while a red frame alerts the operator to cargo placed outside of the contour, which could result in an overbuilt ULD being sent to a flight.

Jimi Daniel Hansen, Vice President Operational Excellence EMEAA at WFS, said: “Our POC for ContourSpect in Copenhagen involved hundreds of ULD’s, and the results were impressive on many levels. Building ULD’s which are 100% ‘ready to fly’ is an essential part of WFS’ and SATS’ commitment to aviation safety and security. This modelling software automates this process, reduces the contour check cycle time, and captures data. From a customer perspective, it also presents additional revenue benefits by ensuring optimal use of available cargo capacity, supported by full reporting of the utilisation rate and picture documentation.”

Following the successful trial in Copenhagen, WFS is now planning the next stations in EMEAA which will implement the Cind system.

The software was created by Cind’s research and product development team in Jönköping, Sweden, as part of the company’s focus to advance supply chain logistics and to help companies gain efficiency. Using 3D image processing for freight dimensioning, ContourSpect provides an automated and cost-efficient solution which optimises labour resources, supports sustainability by reducing duplication in the ULD build process, and provides valuable analytics.

“Since the launch of ContourSpect in early 2023, we have witnessed considerable interest from the entire air cargo industry. I am delighted that WFS, as the first air cargo handler, has partnered with Cind to integrate the service into its network of stations. WFS proves to be the ideal partner to extend our solutions, and it is inspiring to observe their strong commitment to enhancing industry safety and efficiency. We look forward to collaborating closely with WFS in upholding and enhancing their outstanding services in the years ahead,” added Cind’s CEO, Marcus Schelin.

WFS signs 20 handling contracts in Bengaluru

Cargo handler Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) is investing in its facilities at Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru after signing handling contracts with 20 airlines.

The new deals, of between three and five years, come after the handler began operations at the airport at the end of May in partnership with Bangalore International Airport Limited.

WFS is the airport’s second handler and the only one with a dedicated cold chain operation.

The company is now looking to develop its facilities at the airport.

Following refurbishment, the handler will increase its annual capacity at the airport from 120,000 tonnes to 250,000 tonnes.

It also has a two-phase plan to increase the size of the cold chain facility, initially doubling its capacity to 80,000 tonnes and, later, to over 150,000 tonnes per annum in “acknowledgment of India’s leading positive in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare markets”.

WFS has already introduced new forklift equipment and cargo tugs in Bengaluru, including new-generation electric vehicles.

Other automation and digitalisation systems will also be adopted by WFS in India to “increase productivity and operational visibility”.

“After a great deal of planning and preparation, it was an honour for WFS to commence its first-ever operations in India in Bengaluru at the end of May and we are proud to have already won so many important airline customers,” said Manish Agnihothri, chief executive of WFS Bengaluru.

John Batten, WFS’ chief executive Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: Our goal from the outset has been to bring our international cargo handling expertise into the Indian market and to add value for India’s air cargo community stakeholders.

“We aim to play an important role in helping Bengaluru realise its air cargo growth ambitions.”

The airport is the third-largest and fastest-growing cargo hub in India.